1988 Suzuki GSX 1100 “MoonShine”

1988 Suzuki GSX 1100 “MoonShine”



This is “Moonshine” he is based on a Suzuki GSX1127F power screen.
This chopper was featured in Back Street Hero’s magazine earlier this year.
Virtually every part on this fabulous chop has been hand made and its a real one off not to mention crowd puller.

SPEC: The frame is JIG built with an I-beam front tube, TIG welded then TIG bronze welded over the top to give an old look then clear coated. The Girders sport Tokiko radial calipers on new Harley discs with Bandit reservoirs, it stops very well! On the Harley front wheel is a new front tyre. As you can see every part is fabricated, the back wheel is off a Jeep with a 225 rear tyre and a one off rear hub. The stainless pipes do have baffle tube in them, be warned they are loud, they sound like a MK1 Ford Escort on steroids!

It has a one off loom neatly fitted in the army bag, very minimal and easily accessible.

There are loads of detail parts, the more you look the more you see, one off CNC bear trap foot controls, spanner side stand, hand beat seat pan on air bags that make it feel like your on a soft tail. The tank with cool logo, spinner petrol cap, the piston top yoke, the con rod engine mounts, etc etc.

This is a big bike, it weighs 330kg, although heavy its a balanced ride with the Hagon shock set up on the girder forks and with the 1127 engine it certainly has some power. The whole bike is clear coated over real rust and patina, the tank is also lined with ethanol proof resign (Tapox).

The chop has long MOT (A daytime MOT).

Moonshine is a fun ride and multi show winner, its one hell of a bike and gets you noticed everywhere you go.